My favorite websites of 2020

I’ve finally found the motivation to compile a list of my favorite websites! These following pages are very cool™ because they either look super nice, offer great content or do both. And they don’t feature the current trends that make the web worse: Offensive advertising, affiliate-based opinion making, obsessive user tracking. Let’s get started.

It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That website with several articles and nice imagery.

A great design magazine covering a diverse range of topics that are somehow all super interesting and informative. It’s very easy to browse and also find older gems and inspiration on there. Instead of relying on advertising, they recently launched their own premium subscription option.

A List Apart

A List Apart website with the categories "Code", "Content", "Design" and "Industry & Business".

Another web magazine that doesn’t try to sell you the latest framework or library but focuses on more cultural and psychological topics of web design and development. They also run a great series of mini books about these topics, A Book Apart.


Glitch website saying "Glitch is the friendly community where everyone codes together!!".

Glitch is a developer-centric community and collaborative code editor that invites everyone to experiment and “remix” ideas from each other. I love their playful colors, thick borders and overall aesthetics.


Coolors website with a warm color palette.

At heart, Coolors is “just” a color palette generator but it executes this idea so well that I keep going back to it, even for simple tasks like creating some variations of a base color. You can also just open their generator and keep pressing spacebar until you stumble upon a nice color combination.


Bandcamp website with a headline saying: "Bandcamp Vinyl Pressing Service is Here, and It Works".

Bandcamp is my favorite way of purchasing music nowadays. A lot of my favorite artists do sell their albums there in a digital and/or physical format, it’s a transparent company that genuinely seems to care about creativity and artists and they offer more and more cool features like their blog (Bandamp Daily) and web radio (Bandcamp Weekly).

That’s it for this year!