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Choosing an Unzip / Extraction Tool for Mac

October 22, 2014

Is it really called “Unzip Tool”? Or rather (un-)archive software? Anyway, I guess you’re already aware of what I’m referring to. Since Mac OS X doesn’t provide the capability of extracting (or creating) certain archive types like rar or 7zip, you’d really need some third-party software for that.

The real struggle is now: Do I choose the (boring) Unarchiver or the recently discovered Keka with such a cool app icon?

The Unarchiver and Keka

But wait, there’s more: iZip and UnRarX (down by now) also seems to deliver the same features! Oh well, I’ll probably just stay with the tool which has the better symbol.

Free Software for Students

October 9, 2014

It’s a good time to be a student! Usually students (and teachers or other faculty staff) can already get interesting discounts from retailers and software companies like AmazonAppleAbletonAdobe and Autodesk (wow, maybe it’s just every company which name is starting with ‘A’?!*).

But recently JetBrains also decided to give out their cool DAWs to students and educators for free. Same goes for GitHub which decided to not only give you a micro account for free for two years but bundled it with additional licenses for other platforms as well: they call it GitHub Student Developer Pack.

*Just to make it complete: Microsoft is also offering lots of advantages for students. My school is for example giving out Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark) licenses to every student. That lets us download Microsoft Operating Systems and other Microsoft software for free (even new Windows preview versions or the clunky Visual Studio).