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A re-design.

Before and now.

Before and now.

That’s basically it!

And I’m also planning to open-source this new theme because I hand-crafted it carefully and I think it might be useful for other people/bloggers/WordPress users, too. I’m just doing some last adjustments and fixes right now, so it’ll probably appear online and hackable in a few weeks.

Update: The theme is now being developed on GitHub.

A Special Request…

February 25, 2015 1 Comment ,

A few days ago I received the following message:

we visited your site. the look and feel of your website is not good. We are proffessional web developers. We can redesign your website. You can contact us. These are some example of our work.

We are available in forum.

I’m really not sure how to handle offers like that!


Lasst die kreativen Säfte nicht verharren! Ständig mach’ ich Notizen und bastle an Logos (und Webdesigns und Musik).
Hier ein paar Beispiele, die zwar nicht final umgesetzt werden, mir aber mehr oder weniger spontan aus der Maus geflossen sind.