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My first Atom package: Angular-Bootstrap

For the past year I’ve been using Atom on a nearly daily basis. Despite its sluggishness it quickly became my editor of choice thanks to many packages that are improving my workflow. I’m often using AngularJS and the UI Bootstrap components for my projects, so I decided to write my own Atom package full of snippets and auto-completions for that exact (and obviously popular) combination of frameworks. It’s appropriately called Angular-Bootstrap and received 171 downloads by now! It’s far from done (many components and documentation are still missing) but seeing it being downloaded and used by other people clearly increases my motivation to maintain it over a longer time.

So – if you’re one of its users – thanks for using my package and don’t hesitate to leave feedback in the GitHub repo!

The Modal snippet/auto-completion.

Wassersportcenter Berlin

Hey, today we (my co-student Lennert and me) published a new website for a water sports center in Berlin! It’s simply called Wassersportcenter Berlin.



The new website is based on WordPress and some plugins for the events/booking system. It was once again a cool experience to work on a bigger project and knowing that the website will be seen by many visitors and customers is a good place to start and stay motivated.

Overall I’m also very satisfied with WordPress’ customisation features and the easily usable and  well-documented API. Also this is one of my first projects featuring a lot of SVG graphics – they’re basically being used for all images except for photos.

Go ahead, check it out and book a course if you want to learn surfing or boating.

GDG TalkTime Xmas Special 2014

I wouldn’t have expected to be involved in some tech event so immediately again after organising Hack-a-Lesson but since I have been back in Frankfurt (Main) for work reasons, my colleague and friend Darren Cooper quickly invited me to co-organise a GDG (Google Developer Group) event!

This time it was the TalkTime Xmas Special 2014, basically four talks about Google- and Android-specific topics. Some of those topics were really interesting, like the one about Google’s webdesign framework Polymer that I’m motivated to try out now.

GDG Rhein-Main TalkTime Xmas-Special 2014