New EP by bm_128 out now!

18 December 2023

A few days ago I released a new EP as bm_128 called “A New EP in 2023”! This release focuses more on the post-rock genre, and the electronic aspects are a bit deemphasized this time.

It’s available on all kinds of streaming platforms: Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, and others! Here’s a handy overview to see all available platforms: https://album.link/i/1721727147 – And you can also download it for free right here on the music page.

Enjoy! 🎵

Omnivore List Popup (Browser Extension)

Screenshot of the Omnivore List Popup extension in a Firefox window. The popup shows a list of two page items: "Getting started with Omnivore" and "Organize your Omnivore library with labels".

I’ve recently released my first browser extension: Omnivore List Popup! It’s available for Firefox and Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers, like Vivaldi).

In the past, I’ve been using Pocket for temporarily storing pages (as a read-it-later tool). Recently, I switched to the open-source app Omnivore. But there was one problem: I really missed using my favorite browser extension In My Pocket, which is only available for Pocket’s API. So, I built my own extension to replicate my favorite functionality from In My Pocket for the new Omnivore platform!

So far, I’ve received good feedback from the Omnivore community, and I’m a happy user among a few other users (according to the extension stats)!

As always, you can find my source code on GitHub: https://github.com/herrherrmann/omnivore-list-popup/

React mini charts

A few days ago, I published my first npm package: react-mini-charts!

As the name suggests, it’s a small library of chart components for React. So far, there are only two charts available: a simple bar chart with labels and a pie chart (without any labels or legend). The bar chart component is an adapted and cleaned-up version of a component I’ve used for landing pages in the past. It’s basically just a bunch of styled HTML. The pie chart component is brand new and the first SVG-based chart in the library!

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